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drugprescription4u Refund Policy

In being of sound and disposing mind, I hereby acknowledge and accept that:


  1. All sales are final.
  2. All refunds are at the discretion of management, specifically I agree that NO refunds will be given in any of the following circumstances:
    • If my order has already been shipped by drugprescription4u.com.
    • If my order has already been approved by drugprescription4u.com.
    • If I provided an incorrect address to drugprescription4u.com, and drugprescription4u.com has shipped my order to this wrong address.


  1. I am aware that I am not permitted to return medicines to drugprescription4u.com for exchange or a refund.


  1. I am aware that chargebacks are not welcome, and that all disputes can normally be resolved by contacting the management of drugprescription4u.com.
  2. I agree that in the event a chargeback is raised by me in connection with my order that I may be forbidden from reordering from drugprescription4u.com and any and all affiliated sites.
  3. I agree that it is my responsibility to maintain a working email address for all communications with drugprescription4u.com, this especially applies to 'free' email addresses such as those from Yahoo!, & Hotmail.
  4. I agree that drugprescription4u.com is not responsible for any failure of mine to receive emails in connection with my order due to my non working email address, and that specifically this failure is not valid grounds for raising a chargeback.
  5. I agree that in the event that I raise a chargeback in connection with my order, that:
    • drugprescription4u.com will, if fraud is suspected, report the case to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center, together with anti-fraud associations, and/or other third parties at it's discretion.
    • drugprescription4u.com may instigate civil action against me to recover the principal amount, and any and all additional costs and fees, including legal fees.
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